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Sue Latchford Mosaics

When Sue Latchford exhibited her beautiful mosaics at Lopping Hall Gallery recently, the public who viewed her exhibition admired her skill, and everyone had their own thoughts on Sue's designs, commenting that they were, "spiritual."

Nature-lovers were drawn to her woodland animals, and the spiritually-minded admired the deep-thoughts behind her designs. Quite a few holistic-practitioners commented on the, "The Seeker" - the outline of the Buddha, and it's chakras, and understandably, many wanted to buy it!

Art lovers galore were particularly attracted to Sue's use of jewel-like colours - the amber-yellows, the emerald-greens, and sapphire-blue with ruby-reds and amethyst purples evoked memories of church stained-glass windows.

Sue studied drawing and photography in 2013, and then moved into a, "craft-based medium" as she describes it - mosaic art. She had been designing, and making mosaics for five years - first as a hobby, and then for friends and family. Now, she is receiving commissions for paying clients (no larger than A3 size) where a wide variety of materials are used - including clients own broken plates!

Each piece of work is original, often inspired by nature and animals, and working closely with the client to ensure their brief is met.

Sue will be taking part in the Loughton Art Trail - not only exhibiting her work, but also holding a talk on Mosaics and Christianity at the Loughton Methodist Church (Worship Hall) at 7.30 pm on Thursday, 31st of May.

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